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Audits, Review Engagements, and Special Reports by CS&D

In the realm of financial accountability and transparency, businesses navigate a complex landscape where accuracy and credibility are paramount. This is where CS&D’s Audit, Review Engagements, and Special Reports services come into play. With a commitment to meticulous analysis and unbiased evaluation, we provide a range of assurance services that offer stakeholders confidence and clarity in financial matters.

Unveiling Clarity Through Assurance Services

At CS&D, we understand that businesses, regardless of their size, require assurance that their financial information is accurate and reliable. Our suite of assurance services is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, from in-depth audits to focused reviews and specialized reports. We ensure that the financial information presented is a true reflection of your business’s financial health.

Advantages of Our Assurance Services


Our comprehensive audit services delve deep into your financial records, transactions, and internal controls. With a meticulous approach, we verify the accuracy of financial statements, giving stakeholders, including investors and lenders, confidence in your business's financial integrity.

Review Engagements

For businesses seeking a more streamlined evaluation, our review engagement services provide a detailed assessment of financial statements. We identify potential discrepancies and offer limited assurance, providing valuable insights while saving time and resources.

Special Reports

In cases where specialized financial reporting is required, our experts offer specialized reporting services. These reports address unique financial scenarios, offering clarity and credibility to stakeholders.

Compliance Assurance

In an increasingly regulated business environment, adhering to accounting standards and regulations is crucial. Our services ensure that your financial statements comply with applicable standards and regulations.

Internal Control Evaluation

Our thorough approach involves evaluating your internal controls. We offer recommendations to strengthen controls, which can enhance operational efficiency and safeguard your assets.

Stakeholder Confidence

Reliable financial information is essential for stakeholders to make informed decisions. Our assurance services provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of your business's financial performance and position.

Assuring Your Financial Journey

CS&D’s Assurance Services are not just about numbers; they’re about instilling confidence in your business’s financial practices. Our team of experienced professionals leverages their expertise to provide you with insights that go beyond the surface, offering a holistic view of your financial landscape.

In an era where stakeholders demand accountability and transparency, partnering with CS&D for Assurance Services means embracing a higher standard of financial reporting. Our commitment to precision, integrity, and clarity ensures that your business’s financial information is an asset rather than a liability.

A word from our clients

We started working with Clarke Starke & Diegel in late 1999, just prior to our purchase of a small manufacturing company. The firm assisted us with some initial analysis, the due diligence and guided us through the acquisition process right through to closing the transaction. They have acted as our external accountants ever since. In addition to our year ends and tax returns, have always been able to assist with strategic tax advice and all general accounting questions we had. Over the last 18+ years, CS&D has also assisted the company with several real estate transactions, amalgamations, a company valuation as well as some shareholder transactions. I can very confidently recommend Clarke Starke & Diegel as professional accountants.
David Jones
Perfexia Inc.

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