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We understand that family-owned businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, and that’s why we are dedicated to providing personalized accounting support to help your family business thrive.

Unlocking Potential Through Professional Accounting Services

At CS&D, we recognize that managing finances effectively is essential for every business, regardless of its size or industry. Our comprehensive suite of accounting services is tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses, offering a helping hand to startups, SMEs, and large corporations alike. With our skilled team of seasoned professionals, we are committed to delivering unparalleled accounting solutions that empower businesses to thrive.

Accounting Services

Complete and accurate accounting records are the cornerstone of effective financial management of your organization. We provide professional level bookkeeping and controllership services to keep you on track.

Audits, Review Engagements & Special Reports

You may be required to provide shareholders, lenders, donors, government agencies or other stakeholders with financial reports examined by an independent firm. We are licensed public accountants and can carry out financial statement audits, review engagements and special report engagements to suit your needs.

Trust & Estate Planning

Working together we develop a comprehensive plan to ensure the wealth you have created is passed on to the next generation in the most tax effective way.

Year-end Statements & Tax Returns

We provide a streamlined process to prepare professionally formatted financial statements and year end tax returns for your organization. The process is integrated with your personal and corporate tax planning, and any financial reporting you need to do.

Advantages of our Accounting Services

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the labyrinth of tax codes, financial regulations, and compliance requirements is a challenge businesses face daily. Our experts stay updated with the latest regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant.

Customized Solutions

We recognize that every individual’s situation is unique. Our accounting services are tailored to your specific circumstances and goals.

Special Reports

In cases where specialized financial reporting is required, our experts offer specialized reporting services. These reports address unique financial scenarios, offering clarity and credibility to stakeholders.

Compliance Assurance

In an increasingly regulated business environment, adhering to accounting standards and regulations is crucial. Our services ensure that your financial statements comply with applicable standards and regulations.

Wealth Preservation

Trust & Estate Planning allows you to structure your assets in a way that minimizes tax liabilities and ensures the maximum transfer of wealth to your heirs.

Stakeholder Confidence

Reliable financial information is essential for stakeholders to make informed decisions. Our assurance services provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of your business's financial performance and position.

Financial Statements

Year-end financial statements provide a comprehensive overview of your business's financial position. We ensure these statements are compliant with accounting standards.

Tax Compliance

Our specialists keep abreast of the latest tax regulations, ensuring that your tax returns are accurately prepared and submitted on time, minimizing the risk of penalties and audits.

Tax Efficiency

We identify potential tax-saving opportunities and strategies that can reduce your tax liabilities while remaining compliant with tax laws.

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A word from our clients

Clarke Starke & Diegel have been our accounting firm from Day 1. We have stayed with them through all these years because they:

- Keep current with changing tax laws and regulations.
- Provide excellent guidance and advice on all of our - business, accounting and tax matters.
- Have tremendous attention to detail.
- Respond to all our inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
- Explain complicated accounting rules and procedures in plain English.
Rick Nigol