Some Words from Our Clients

Larry Koehler
Clarke, Starke & Diegel has been Larca's accounting firm since 2003. We have always enjoyed a comprehensive relationship, our questions are answered in a timely manner and our financials are dealt with professionally, accurately and at a reasonable cost. CS&D has been there to support us while dealing with the CRA as well as being a necessary asset during our purchase of another company.
Clarke Starke and Diegel provided my partner and I with excellent advice and service as we acquired our business over 2 years ago. Wayne Haves was very responsive and helpful as we went through the acquisition process; offering wise and strategic advice in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Clarke Starke and Diegel for both your business and personal accounting needs.
David Jones
Perfexia Inc.
We started working with Clarke Starke & Diegel in late 1999, just prior to our purchase of a small manufacturing company. The firm assisted us with some initial analysis, the due diligence and guided us through the acquisition process right through to closing the transaction. They have acted as our external accountants ever since. In addition to our year ends and tax returns, have always been able to assist with strategic tax advice and all general accounting questions we had. Over the last 18+ years, CS&D has also assisted the company with several real estate transactions, amalgamations, a company valuation as well as some shareholder transactions. I can very confidently recommend Clarke Starke & Diegel as professional accountants.
Deanne Gillies
We have appreciated the expertise and professionalism of Clarke Starke and Diegel with our annual audits and financial reports for over 18 years! Their team has also supported our organization with answering inquires throughout the year regarding charitable laws and have been very supportive in helping us navigate through various funder reports. We highly recommend this amazing team of approachable and friendly professionals.
Rick Nigol
Co-founder & Senior Consultant

Clark Starke & Diegel have been our accounting firm from Day 1. We have stayed with them through all these years because they:

  • Keep current with changing tax laws and regulations.
  • Provide excellent guidance and advice on all of our business, accounting and tax matters.
  • Have tremendous attention to detail.
  • Respond to all our inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
  • Explain complicated accounting rules and procedures in plain English.
Jennifer & Jim Knapp
Clarke, Starke and Diegel have helped our business for many years. We have always been impressed by the team’s expertise and understanding of small business. They are very professional and always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner. We appreciate that they are always quick to respond whether by telephone or email. We highly recommend this firm for any of your accounting and tax requirements.
Tim Borody
Associate Advisor
IPC Securities Corp
In our Financial Planning Practice, we had a need for an Accounting Firm to help our clients with their unique tax and accounting needs. We have been working with CSD for 5 years. Their all-encompassing services have helped families and corporate clients with their individual needs. Their friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff uses a collaborative approach to ensure their response is in a timely matter, and their advice is in line with current rules and guidelines.

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